Matthew's Ham Radio Page

On November 2nd, 2002 I successfully passed my element 2 technicians test. After a hiatus of 20 years I am back on the airwaves. Back then I was active on 11-meters and worked SSB often before I went to college. After college the 11-meter band was kind of dead, all my friends there either moved on to ham radio, away from the area, or just got sick of everything that went along with 11-meters. (My best radio friend passed away too.) 

In the summer of 2002 while launching my friends rocket, (Jim's Mega-Endeavor) he told me that he passed his amateur radio test. He needed to pass the test to use the 6-meter direction finding equipment in his rocket. If you look at the pictures on my rocket page there are very tall cornfields we deal with. The direction finding equipment is useful when rockets land there. The important thing he told me was that he didn't need to learn code. This started me on a path of progressively harder radio tests and you can see the ones I passed below. You can now catch me on the air as K2NUD. 

****UPDATE**** 8/3/03   I have now passed the General Element's 1 & 3.

****UPDATE**** 1/4/04    I have now passed the Extra Element-4 test. 

****UPDATE**** 1/17/04  I have now passed the GROL Commercial Element-1 test. 

****UPDATE**** 9/03/04  I have now passed the GROL Commercial Element-3 test. 


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Updated as of the 8th of April 2021, If there is an error I am sorry, email k2nud at the arrl.net for a scheduled QSO.

I have uploaded my log to the ARRL LoTW near the same date as above.

Below is a picture of my new HAM shack. From the left: Midland WR-300 SAME Weather Radio, ICOM IC-910H with 1.2 GHz, Icom IC-375A, and an ICOM  IC-746PRO.


I have several antennas; depending on the time of year, conditions, or contest participation, I put different ones up. The permanent ones are seen below. From left to right are a Cushcraft 3 element 6m beam, Comet single band 220MHz vertical, an Alpha-Delta DXCC wire antenna, a Diamond CP6A multi band HF + 6m Vertical, a Diamond X510NA 2m & 70cm vertical, and a generic wide frequency VHF/UHF scanner antenna.



I have beams for 6m, 2m, 1.25m 70cm & 23cm, all from M-Squared. 

Below is a picture, from my friend Lou-N2CYY, of my M-Squared - 6-Meter Beam at field day. Nice shot Lou!